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So, there I was, minding my own business, walking towards the turnstiles at DisneyWorld's Transportation & Ticket Center. I was headed for the The Magic Kingdom monorail - to meet a friend.

As I approached the turnstiles, I noticed an elderly gentleman walking towards the turnstiles from the inside. As we each got closer to the turnstiles, something seemed odd but I couldn't quite figure out what. Finally, I realized that our paths seemed to be converging - He was walking directly toward me, deliberately. (Cont'd Below)

When we were close enough for normal conversation, he asked if I was alone or if I was meeting someone. I politely asked who he was and why he wanted to know (he looked like any ordinary senior citizen - in plain clothes - he could have been your father or mine). The only giveaway was the little earpiece stuck in one ear, with a wire going down inside his shirt. The button-down shirt and dress slacks should have been another giveaway - this was not another guest. Most guests are dressed in t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, etc. He identified himself as a park employee and asked if I knew what was on my shirt. I looked down, and realized I was wearing my 'gecko' shirt.

The shirt is partially reproduced above (although the colors are now faded and weird). Anyway, this guy asked if I knew what the pictures depicted. While I'm almost embarrassed to admit that when I first bought the shirt, I wore it a number of times without realizing what those little geckos are doing - somebody pointed it out to me. By the time I got to Disneyworld and was stopped by this 'cop' I "knew" what was on the shirt - as soon as he called my attention to it. I just hadn't thought about it when I put it on.

Well, to make this story as short as possible, he told me that my shirt was not appropriate to wear around the youngsters in the Magic Kingdom. I really doubt that any of them would have figured out what the geckos were doing - especially since it wasn't obvious to me at first. But, I figured, it wasn't worth arguing this point. Further, he told me that I would need to either put on a different shirt, if I had one with me, or purchase one at the gift shop just outside the gate.

Luckily, having just come from Typhoon Lagoon, I had a change of clothes in my back-pack. I changed shirts and continued on my journey to the Magic Kingdom. The Disney cop headed back to wherever he had been hiding. I still keep wondering about how he was able to spot the shirt from so far away.

Needless to say, the gecko shirt was retired from public display upon my return home.