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Orlando / Disneyworld Photos - September 2004

Orlando / Disney World / Hurricane Frances - September 2004

The plan was: four days near the Orange County (Orlando) Convention Center, attending Photoshop World East, then 11 days at Disney World. Hurricane Frances shook things up a bit.

By the 2nd day of Photoshop World, it was clear that the hurricane would be heading right toward us, so, the organizers accelerated the pace - cancelling the final day of sessions, and adding many of those cancelled sessions to the the 3rd day's schedule (into the evening). I was able to move up my check-in at Disney's All Star Music resort by one day (could not get in there any sooner). I considered myself lucky, because I had someplace to go. Many of the attendees were unable to get flights home due to cancellations and closing of the airport. I know of some who left for the airport at 2am, hoping to get on flights as stand-by passengers. These people had no guaranteed flight out - and, no hotel room to come back to.

Anyway, there I was, once again at Disney World with a hurricane heading our way (just like Hurricane Floyd, 5 years before). This time, there were two very scary nights with the sound of rumbling overhead (I was on the top floor of the resort this time) - sort of like a roller coaster, and WFTV Channel 9 on the TV all night for comfort. But, we did not sustain any damage and we did not lose power. So, again, I felt more fortunate than many others.

While there were a lot of tree branches strewn about the resort and grounds, and standing water in spots, the parks began to reopen and operations appeared to be pretty much back to normal within 24 hours. Unfortunately, for many local residents, the recovery wasn't always nearly as quick. Some locals who rode out the storm at my resort checked out the morning after.... and checked right back in after finding their homes either damaged or with no power and/or water. Some were still at the resort when I left 12 days later - still with no power at home!


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