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Disneyland Resort Photos - March 2002

Photos: Disney's California Adventure      Disneyland

March 2002. My first visit to Disneyland (now called Disneyland Resort) in over 10 years - and only my second trip to California ever! What a change from my first visit. Gone is the parking lot that I parked in last time around. Disney's California Adventure is there, instead. They say there's a new multi-level parking garage somewhere, but, I didn't see it. I stayed on the South Harbour Boulevard side of the property and the rental car was not necessary. The hotel was literally across the street from the entrance so the car sat in the hotel parking for the entire stay.

Some differences between Disneyland (DL) and Walt Disneyworld (WDW) that I noted:

  • Off-site hotels are just across the street from DL, within walking distance... Not so at WDW, where you drive, drive, drive after entering the property before reaching one of the parks.

  • At DL you can walk to anywhere on property from any other location on property - it's that small! At WDW, you drive, drive, drive (car, bus, monorail) to get from one place to another - it's that large!

  • Speaking of size, the castle at DL seems to be about half the size of the castle at WDW.

  • The DL monorail windows can be opened (is it not air-conditioned?) and I think I saw doors on only one side. Also, the monorail no longer seems to serve any meaningful purpose for many guests (I certainly didn't need to use it in the 5 days I was there). The WDW monorail windows cannot be opened (other than air vents on either end of each car) and there are doors on both sides. This monorail sysem is an integral part of the WDW transportation service and is the primary mode of transportation between the parks and the 3 Monorail hotels and also between the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.


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