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Disneyworld Photos - Dec 1997
Updated 12-23-97

Christmas at DisneyWorld

This was my first visit to Disneyworld around the Christmas season. Since this trip came so close on the heels of my last trip (October '97), I tried to focus mainly on the holiday events - like the Osborne Lights and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

But, first, a quick (and, I mean very quick) run-thru of 7 days of Disneyworld fun...


One of the first fun things I did this trip was getting together with a bunch of folks from rec.arts.disney.parks (RADP) and their family members. Gardenia (gardenia@magicnet.net) arranged for a special holiday tour of the Wilderness Lodge resort, followed by dinner at Whispering Canyon, at the resort. There were about 30 of us at dinner, and everyone seemed to have a blast - including