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Disneyworld Photos & Videos - November-December 1999

IllumiNations 2000:
Reflections of Earth

The best IllumiNations ever!

IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth
Video Clips
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Warning: watching these videos may cause sea-sickness - I had trouble holding the camera steady (I was standing on a boat)
Segment 1 (2min 20sec 2.3MB)
Segment 2 (1min 52sec 1.8MB)
Segment 3 (0min 59sec 0.9MB)
Segment 4 (1min 33sec 1.5MB)
Segment 5 (2min 14sec 2.2MB)


All Photos on this page ŠJoel Raskin, December 1999.
Photos taken with an Olympus D500L Digital Camera and reduced in size to shorten download time.
Celebration, Florida
Celebration is a Disney-built planned community
adjacent to Disneyworld
Celebration Hotel Celebration Hotel Front Street Grill
Celebration Hotel Front St. Grill
Cafe D'Antonio Goodings & Apartments Visitor Center
Above: Along tree-lined Market Street...
Cafe D'Antonio (left); Grocery & apartments above (center); Visitor Center (right)
AMC Celebration Waterfront
AMC Celebration Waterfront
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Coronado Springs room Coronado Springs room Coronado Springs room
Coronado Springs - Typical "Casitas" Room
Spaceship Earth Spaceship Earth Pluto
Spaceship Earth Pluto signing autographs
Millenium Village Coke Bottles Coke Bottles
Millenium Village
at rope drop
Coca-Cola Bottles
Food Wrapper Peach Boys Food Rocks
Food Rocks:
Food Wrapper (left); Peach Boys (center); Group shot (right)
The Magic Kingdom
Dapper Dans Decorated Main St. Castle
Dapper Dans Decorated Main St. Cindarella Castle